"SharePoint is like a ready-made intranet, which you can start using straight away. You can adapt it to do whatever you need."

Why use Microsoft SharePoint?

SharePoint Online is available as part of Microsoft 365, and is fully integrated with Office apps. It’s quick and easy for individuals and teams to set up sites and share information with others.

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Share Information and collaborate

  • Integrates well with Microsoft apps and services, with a familiar feel and transferable skills
  • SharePoint can use existing Microsoft user and group information.
  • You can create separate sites for specific teams and departments then group them together using hub sites.
  • SharePoint supports all types of content – video, images, calendar, news etc.
  • You can control who has access and what can be edited by specific staff members.

Manage your documents efficiently

  • Document management: store and share your documents.
  • Version control: store previous versions of documents when you make changes.
  • Workflow: set up workflows using Microsoft Power Automate to manage document creation and approval.
  • Quality standards: meet ISO 9001 and other quality standards.

Create custom applications to handle business processes

  • Sites can host applications to support specific processes your business may have.
  • Choose from a growing number of existing applications such as time recording / holiday request forms.
  • Forms and workflows can be used to create simple applications.
  • Bespoke applications can be developed to handle custom / complex requirements.
  • Applications can access and use your existing users, groups and data.

Available as part of Microsoft 365

  • SharePoint is available as part of the Microsoft 365 package.
  • It is closely integrated with other commonly used products e.g. Excel, Word and Teams.
  • It supports team collaboration.
  • SharePoint already knows who the people in your organisation are.
  • For charities, SharePoint and Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) can be a cost effective option.
  • Tools such as Power Automate and Power Apps can be used to add functionality to SharePoint sites.
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