How can Alberon help you get the best from SharePoint?

SharePoint services from Alberon

From strategic planning through to implementation, we can work closely with you to deliver the solution your organisation needs.

We can provide ongoing support to ensure your SharePoint intranet continues to work well for you.

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Strategy and Planning

It’s important to be clear about what you want to achieve with SharePoint. We can help you to clarify your objectives and to create a roadmap for how to achieve them.

We know from many years of experience that good planning leads to successful projects. We like to make sure that your key stakeholders are involved so that they can contribute their knowledge and expertise to the planning process. This also gives them an important sense of involvement and ownership of the eventual solution.

We’ll advise you realistically on what can be achieved with your budget.

Solution development

SharePoint is a very flexible platform. It can be used to build anything from relatively simple information sites to sophisticated applications which deliver key business processes.

Following on from the planning stage above, we’ll build and deliver the solution you need. Our approach is to use the features provided within SharePoint where possible and to move gradually from the simple to the complex.

When the solution you need is not easily available within SharePoint, we can advise on third party tools which will do the job. Alternatively, our development team can create a custom application to meet your needs.

Graphic design

It’s important that your SharePoint intranet looks good. It needs to have your organisation’s branding so that it feels like it belongs to you.

We can rebrand your intranet so that it has your look and feel. If your budget permits, we can also create custom designs for key pages and page elements to give your site a lift.


We can provide training for your staff to give them the confidence to work with SharePoint. Sometimes it works well for us to train some of your staff who can then become SharePoint experts and can train others. For more advanced users we can provide training on creating forms and workflows and on managing security.

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