Alberon Develops Success for SharePoint How can Alberon help you get the best from SharePoint?

SharePoint services from Alberon

From strategic planning through to implementation, we work closely with you to deliver the solution your organisation needs. We can provide ongoing support to ensure your SharePoint intranet continues to works for you.

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Consultancy, Strategy and Planning

It’s important to be clear about what you want to achieve with SharePoint. We can help you to clarify your objectives and to create an achievable strategy for how to achieve them.

We know from many years of consultancy that good planning leads to successful projects. We like to involve your key stakeholders so that they can contribute their knowledge and expertise to the planning process.

This also gives them an important sense of involvement and ownership of the eventual solution. Working closely with users enables us to get a greater understanding of priorities as well as knowing exactly how they will be using the system. We’ll advise you realistically on what can be achieved with your budget.

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SharePoint Intranet Development

SharePoint is a flexible platform which can be used to build anything from simple informative sites to applications that deliver key business processes.

Alberon’s approach is to use the features provided within SharePoint and to move gradually from the simple foundations to the complex features.

When the solution you need is not available within SharePoint, we can advise on third party tools which will do the job. Alternatively, our development team can create a custom application and features to meet your needs.

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Alberon’s SharePoint Design

It’s important that your SharePoint intranet is well designed looks good. SharePoint needs to be in line with have your organisation’s branding to unify departments and help promote the brand values across the company. The design should so that it feel familiar and carry the organisation’s prestige of the organisation so it can be embraced by employees.

We can design and brand your intranet to match your organisation’s look and feel. We can also create custom designs for key pages and page elements to give your site a lift. We will incorporate these designs into the site so you can continue to add content, whilst also continuing to maintain a consistent look and feel across departments.

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If you have any questions about your next SharePoint project, please get in touch today. Alberon is ready to answer all your questions.
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If you have any questions about your next SharePoint project, please get in touch today.
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SharePoint User Training

Alberon can train your staff to use SharePoint efficiently and successfully so you get the utmost return you expect from your investment. We can train your staff to give them the confidence to work with SharePoint. We fully train users who have never used SharePoint, users who are familiar with some processes but haven’t mastered aspects necessary for current implementations, and for more advanced users, Alberon can provide in-depth training from workflows to security management. This could be to support users completing more day to day activities, providing best practice tips to improve efficiency and to generally ensure you can make the most of your investment. For more advanced users, we can provide training on creating forms and workflows and on managing security.

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Migration & upgrades

We can help you move your existing intranet to SharePoint, or upgrade your current SharePoint intranet to the latest version, to make sure you are benefiting from the most efficient technology.

Recent developments have made SharePoint migration more applicable, and the teams vast experience with upgrading SharePoint makes it a great option for all organisations.

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SharePoint support

Our SharePoint support team are here to help you make the most of your intranet site. They are on hand to answer any questions you may have about the system and resolve any technical issues that may arise. The team will also apply any enhancements to optimise the system and enhance your user experience. They provide complete peace of mind and will help keep your SharePoint intranet running effectively for years to come.

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