Our Services


If you are considering using SharePoint to help you manage information in your organisation, we can help you decide whether SharePoint is the right solution to your needs.  We can also advise on licensing.

Strategy and Planning

If you've decided to use SharePoint, we can help you with your strategic decision and planning. We can help you to clarify your objectives, and to plan how to use SharePoint to deliver them.

Requirements gathering and solution design

Would you build a house without getting a design done first? Of course not.
We can help you through the important process of requirements gathering, and the design phase which follows.
The result is a system specification which serves as a design for the solution to be implemented.

Installation and Configuration

If required we can install SharePoint on your network and configure it to your needs.

Development Build

If you are looking for a SharePoint developer we can help you.
We can develop site templates to give your sites the look you need.
If needed we can develop custom web parts to provide your site with the features you need.

Training and Support

We can provide training, giving you the knowledge you need maintain SharePoint internally.

We can provide training sessions for your users, giving them the confidence to update content and make full use of the features SharePoint offers.

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