SharePoint Benefits

MOSS 2007 allows organisations to:

  • Manage Content and Processes
    • Control documents through detailed, extensible policy management
    • Centrally store, manage, and access documents across the enterprise
    • Simplify Web content management
    • Extend business processes across the organization
    • Streamline everyday business activities
  • Improve Business Insight
    • Present business-critical information in one central location
    • Quickly connect people with information
    • Share business data broadly while helping to protect sensitive information
    • Take advantage of your unstructured business networks to drive better decisions
    • Unlock business data
  • Simplify Internal and External Business Collaboration
    • Enhance customer and partner relationships
    • Ubiquitous Enterprise Search
    • Work when and where you want
    • Connect and share knowledge
    • Personalize operations
  • Empowers IT to make Strategic Impact
    • Get enhanced interoperability support
    • Enable IT to focus on more strategic tasks
    • Simplify deployment, management, and system administration
    • Robust system monitoring, usage tracking, and monitoring tools

For further information please see “Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 top 10 benefits” on the Microsoft website.